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What if you had a coach to organize and manage the college application process? What if you had someone to review your essays prior to submitted them? What if there was a way to get everything done without feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

There is!  Join our College Application Bootcamp to:

• Essay Writing
• College Application Completion

Why Success School?

Success School’s mission is “Growing Leaders”. When we help young people craft a vision for success beyond their wildest dreams, their confidence skyrockets and they become unstoppable.

As a mother of 3 teenage boys, Angela G. Solomon, Esq., Founder of Success School, knows how much technology has prevented today’s youth from developing the strong interpersonal communication skills that are still required for professional success. Instead of talking and writing, our young people are texting and “snapping” – often using cryptic language unsuitable for the business world.

Today, more than ever before, it is important for our future leaders to learn how to communicate who they are and how they can add value to a prospective college, a prospective employer, and even a prospective spouse – with confidence, poise, and professionalism! Competition is fierce for limited opportunities.

From college applications and essays, to resume writing and interviewing skills practice, let Success School help you make a phenomenally positive first – and lasting – impression to stand out from the crowd and WIN.

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